In Memory of Pepper
7/16/1995 - 9/25/2008

Pepper was a pure-bred English cocker spaniel.  Melissa and Larry adopted her in August of 2006 from Buffalo Pugs and Small Breeds Rescue, to be a companion for Henry.  Pepper had been neglected for some time, but after some surgery, she was getting along pretty well.  She was almost completely deaf and was blind in one eye.  (The other one didn't work much, either.) She had had most of her top teeth removed, but could still manage her treats with gusto!

She loved to sleep in her bed, occasionally waking up to sniff around, or take a drink.  When we lived in a retirement home, she'd race Henry to the office and man her station just outside the office door.  Once we started traveling, she LOVED to sleep out in the sunshine outside the rig on a sunny day and go for walks.  She wasn't into playing, and cuddling was not high up on her list, but she sure was a good snorer!  And she loved her mommy and daddy.  Probably the thing she liked best was going for rides in the car in her crate, and she loved meeting people and being onstage as part of One More Time's show. Whenever she was taken out of the house and let run, she would undoubtedly head for the van and do her "circle of happiness", running around in clockwise circles, with tail wagging faster than a hummingbird's wings.

As she got older, her circles became slower, her eyesight got poorer, and she started to have seizures.  Because she did not respond to epilepsy medication, it was suspected that the seizures were caused by a tumor on her brain.  (She had had several other tumors removed from her body over her last two years.)  Larry and Melissa are very grateful for the two years they got to spend with Pepper, and will miss their sweet
"Girlie Girl" very much.